The Bureau:


The bureau section works on receiving and sending mail, following up the work of the staff, and distributing leaflets and publications to various official agencies inside and outside the university.

Detailed tasks:

  1. Receiving the incoming mail of the department and sending it to the director to be signed and electronically achieved.

  2. Distributing the mail to the relevant sections in the departments and following up the procedures concerned.

  3. Receiving and electronically archiving the out coming mail and sending it to the concerned departments and faculties.

  4. Issuing letters and memos for the department.

  5. Following-up the staff's work times by entering the leaves through Oracle.

  6. Controlling and following up the archives of the department.

  7. Securing the flags and the pictures of the Hashemite family and providing them to all the units of the university on a permanent basis.

  8. Ensuring the university's participation in newspapers and magazines and publishing the advertisements issued by the university in the public media inside and outside Jordan.

  9. Distributing publications, letters, or prints issued by the university either periodically or otherwise to the official bodies, institutions, universities and individuals inside and outside the Kingdom.

  10. Securing stationery and supplies for employees.