Reception and University Activities Section:

It performs the following tasks:

  1. Preparing, following up, updating and checking the lists of official invitations for various events at the university and printing them.
  2. Receiving the new faculty members appointed at the university by inviting them to a special ceremony on this occasion under the auspices of the President by giving a scientific lecture on this occasion.
  3. Booking for participants in conferences, seminars and workshops in hotels by writing to them about the number of participants, the duration of the booking and the type of booking.
  4. Receiving participants at the airport from outside Jordan by operating transportation in coordination with the traffic department and transporting them to their place of residence in hotels, as well as returning to the airport.
  5. Receiving visitors and official delegations: coordination in advance with the visitors, reception at the airport, securing their stay, and preparing their visiting programs and accompanying them if necessary.
  6. Providing the official gifts.
  7. Providing the university guests and official delegations with gifts selected as the university shield or flag.
  8. Receiving the newly appointed faculty members at the university.
  9. Providing the university guests and official delegations with university publications and tourist leaflets.
  10. Preparing the greeting cards and responding to them during religious holidays in the name of the university president.
  11. Documenting the cultural and scientific activities at the university and recording information about them electronically, or through records prepared for this purpose.
  12. Participating in the development of the cultural season program (conferences, seminars, and workshops) by circulating to the university units to include all activities on an annual basis, and preparing a program for these activities according to the activity of each faculty and according to the chronology of each activity.


The section has 3 branches:

  1. Activities Branch:

It performs the following tasks:

  1. Participating in the preparation of conferences and seminars held at the university.
  2. Participating in the preparatory committees of conferences and doing the arrangements for reception and hospitality.
  3. Participating in preparing for the cultural season program and festivals.
  4. Following-up the practical procedures related to the holding of seminars, lectures, exhibitions and festivals.
  5. Organizing visits by students of the university, community faculties and schools in the Kingdom to the university through prior coordination with the visiting authority and preparing visiting programs, receiving them and accompanying them.
  6. Organizing visits by the university staff to various institutions in the Kingdom.
  7. Cooperating with the university's various units to establish cultural activities and securing what they need.
  8. Documenting the scientific, cultural and social cooperation between the university and the institutions of the local community, officials, economists and other personalities in order to participate in advancing the university's march, gaining their material and moral support to achieve their goals, and coordinating with these institutions in case they wish to establish scientific or social activities within the university.
  9. Documenting the cultural activities at the university and recording information on them in records prepared for this purpose.


  1. Hospitality branch:

It has the following tasks:

  1. Following-up and securing the necessary hospitality requests on all occasions in coordination with the university units and supervising the halls of the building of seminars and conferences.
  2. Coordinating with the faculty or the activity center through a membership in the preparatory committee for the conference or symposium.
  3. Participating in the conference preparatory committees and setting arrangements for reception and hospitality.
  4. Preparing and equipping private halls for the opening of the conference, lectures and discussions.
  5. Providing logistical support to conference participants and all activities, such as food, drink and introductory trips, in coordination with the university's various units.
  6. In coordination with the University Press, printing papers, research papers, research abstracts, badge names of the participants, participation certificates and the main board of the conference name, etc.
  7. Auditing the financial claims of hotels and other hospitality services.


  1. International Programs Branch:

The University through a number of cultural and scientific agreements is linked with universities outside Jordan. Thus, this branch receives students from outside Jordan studying in the language center within the exchange programs, prepares programs for them, follows-up their stay with the security authorities, issues the names of students, and conducts the necessary medical examinations in medical institutions when they come to the university. The branch also secures the students with housing and internal trips, follows-up and secures their travel and residences from the Ministry of Interior.

The branch also works on receiving conference participants when they arrive at the airport and the Jordanian border, provides accommodation and domestic flights for them, follows them up, and secures their travel and accommodation from the Ministry of Interior.