The Department of Public Relations and Media through its various sections carries out a number of tasks, including:

  1. Filming the activities of the University, preparing, publishing and documenting the university's news and media bulletins, distributing them and documenting them in both Arabic and English.

  2. Securing the speaking segments and documentary films about the university.

  3. Printing the university publications.

  4. Following up on what is published about the university in the local and foreign media and informing the president of the university and officials about it.

  5. Designing, publishing and printing Yarmouk Newsletter in English and distributing it to various Arab and foreign embassies and consulates and the most important official agencies in Jordan.

  6. Publishing the university's announcements on the university's official website and in the public media in Both Arabic and English.

  7. Organizing and implementing the internal and external media procedures related to holding lectures, seminars, conferences, cultural seasons, exhibitions and festivals, securing the necessary services, and participating in the preparatory committees.

  8. Organizing and arranging meetings, interviews, press conferences and media conferences.

  9. Documenting and printing the research presented in conferences, seminars and scientific meetings held within the framework of the University.

  10. Ensuring the university's participation in newspapers and distributing them to the university units in accordance with the principles and decisions in force.

  11. Organizing the reception and stay of the university guests and arranging the official guests and invitations.

  12. Providing suitable gifts for the university guests and providing their stay and arranging hospitalities concerned and official invitations.

  13. Designing and preparing the university numismatics.

  14. Organizing visits by the university staff to institutions in the Kingdom.

  15. Any other tasks related to the nature of the service's work.